Information for Individuals

Organisations, managers and individuals all have different roles and responsibilities when it comes to supporting staff and managing psychosocial risk.

IndividualOn this page you will find links to useful resources and services offered by the Mandala Foundation which are targeted at the individual level – that is, individual aid workers, volunteers or assignees (see our Guidelines page for further explanation of the different roles).

Workshop: Developing a Pathway to Work in Humanitarian Aid

This workshop is designed to provide prospective aid workers with a thorough understanding of the current vocational landscape, in order to chart an effective pathway that balances experience and aspiration.


Psychosocial Assignment Support Services

If you are looking for some personalised support, the Mandala Foundation offers confidential briefing, counselling, debriefing and mentoring services to individual aid workers and volunteers.


Ready & Willing: Psychological Preparation for International Aid Work

This workshop is designed to prepare less experienced aid workers and volunteers for the psychological adjustment issues they may encounter.


Psychosocial Risk Management Tool

Assignees can use the Risk Tool to assess their understanding of the psychosocial risks associated with a particular assignment and consider the anticipated impact of these risks on their wellbeing.


Workshop: Psychosocial First Aid Skills

This workshop provides a practical introduction to psychosocial first aid skills that can be applied to a wide range of situations, from large scale disasters to everyday collegial support.


Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risk

The Guidelines contain suggestions for practical self-care strategies that assignees can implement to take responsibility for their mental health and wellbeing across the cycle of their assignment.