Information for Organisations

Organisations, managers and individuals all have different roles and responsibilities when it comes to supporting staff and managing psychosocial risk.

OrganisationOn this page you will find links to useful resources and services offered by the Mandala Foundation which are targeted at the organisational level – that is, the kinds of overarching systems, policies and funding allowances that need to be in place to enable effective psychosocial staff care and support across the cycle of a typical aid deployment (see our Guidelines page for further explanation of the different roles).

Psychosocial Consultancy Services

The Mandala Foundation offers tailored consultancy services assisting humanitarian and emergency organisations to develop, enhance and sustain their own in-house systems of staff support.


Workshop: Recruitment & Selection for International Aid Work

This workshop is designed to help organisations maximise fit between candidate and role and minimise workplace stress and injury by improving organisational recruitment and selection procedures.


Psychosocial Risk Management Tool

The Psychosocial Risk Management Tool assists aid organisations to identify and manage the diverse range of psychosocial risks associated with field assignments or deployments.


Workshop: Supporting Staff & Managing Psychosocial Risk

This one-day workshop introduces a systematic framework for assessing and managing psychosocial risks and staff support needs across the stages of a typical assignment or deployment cycle.


Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risk across the Assignment Cycle

The Guidelines support responsible OH&S and staff care practices in the aid sector by providing a comprehensive framework for systematically managing psychosocial risk.