Psychosocial Advocacy Group (PsyAG)

The Psychosocial Advocacy Group (PsyAG) is a forum for members of the humanitarian aid and development community to meet and share best-practice approaches to integrating psychosocial support principles into staff and volunteer support systems.

We advocate for the integration of psychosocial support at the highest levels of program design and implementation. PsyAG is facilitated by the Mandala Foundation and features an annual seminar series on psychosocial issues pertinent to the humanitarian aid and international development sector.

Past Seminars

Stress & Trauma in the Aid Sector

Psychology Week Special Event
Tuesday 10th November 2015

This seminar covered the prevalence of stress and trauma-related mental health issues in the aid sector; types of stress and trauma commonly encountered by aid workers; and practical strategies that organisations and individuals can use to mitigate the impact of stress.

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Psychosocial Support in the Wake of Disaster:
Enabling Resilience in a Crisis

World Humanitarian Day Special Event
Wednesday 19th August 2015

Daniel Ervin, RedR register deployee to UNICEF (Cyclone Pam)
Adam Cathro, Media Relations Manager, Plan (Nepal earthquake)
Kate Minto, Director of Programs, Mandala Foundation

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Psychosocial Support in the Wake of Disaster:
Typhoon Haiyan Six Months On

Friday 2nd May 2014

Guest presenters: RedR Australia’s International Emergency Response team
Emma Kettle, Program Manager
Jaimee Skilton, Program Officer
Hamish Weatherly, Deployee

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Does Mental Health Count in the Quest to Make a Difference?

Seminar Series on Young International Volunteers
Monday 15th October 2012

Guest presenters:
Paige Campbell and Kimberley Dawe, Reach
Janine Ward, Orygen Youth Health

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Feel Good, Do Good:
How Much Difference Does it Really Make?

Seminar Series on Young International Volunteers
Monday 8th October 2012

Guest presenters:
Anita Duffy, PACE International, AVI
Peter Baynard-Smith, Young People Without Borders
Morrisen Daniel and Shirley Abraham, Youth Challenge Vanuatu

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Academic Pathways to Making a Difference:
Development by Degree

Seminar Series on Young International Volunteers
Monday 1st October 2012

Guest presenters:
Heather Wallace, Deakin University
Di Rachinger, University of Melbourne
Julian Waters-Lynch, RMIT

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A meeting of the Psychosocial Advocacy Group on the topic of Young International Volunteers

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