Supporting Staff & Managing Psychosocial Risk

Workshop for managers

Aid work can be stressful and the risk of psychological injury can be high. It should therefore be a priority for organisations to assess and manage psychosocial risks in the workplace and work to reduce the debilitating impact of stress on individual staff members, teams and project outcomes.

Workshop Overview

This one-day workshop introduces a systematic framework for assessing and managing psychosocial risks and staff support needs across the stages of a typical assignment or deployment cycle. It is closely informed by two key resources which have been developed by the Mandala Foundation to assist aid agencies in this process: the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool and the Guidelines for Managing Psychosocial Risk across the Assignment Cycle.

Working closely with the Guidelines, participants will receive a thorough overview of the principles of systematic psychosocial risk management and learn how these can be integrated into existing organisational policies and practices. The workshop will also introduce a range of practical psychosocial risk screening and management planning policies processes which can be implemented at different points of an assignment cycle.

Using the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool, participants will learn how to identify prevalent stressors associated with particular roles and assignment contexts, assess the predicted impact of these risks, and develop a psychosocial risk management plan in response. They will also explore the interdependent roles and responsibilities of organisations, managers and individual assignees in the risk management process.

This workshop can also be tailored to meet the needs of organisations or specific groups of staff. Please contact us to find out more.

Who Should Attend

This workshop will be beneficial to Head Office managers; directors; OH&S staff; policy makers; and HR, project and country managers.

Workshop Objectives

Participants who complete this workshop will:

  • Gain an understanding of the principles of systematic psychosocial risk management
  • Review their existing organisational support policies
  • Receive practical tips and resources to improve processes where applicable
  • Develop strategies for integrating psychosocial risk management principles into existing organisational staff care systems, including through use of the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool
  • Learn about various applications of the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool, including for recruitment or selection processes, for assignment preparation activities, or for monitoring and gaining feedback on assignments
  • Gain practical experience in using online and hard-copy versions of the Psychosocial Risk Management Tool in relation to their own organisations or assignment contexts
A four-wheel-drive vehicle negotiates a risky river crossing with assistance from a local aid worker.

Thank you, I found this workshop invaluable, and it has opened up many other avenues to investigate and improve our current processes for risk assessment.

Domestic Human Resources Manager

International Aid Organisation, Sydney

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